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ShunnCast #37
Tenor of the Times
Sunday, February 11, 2007     01:30:19     82.76 Mb

In which Bill, as threatened, pays tribute to late jazz great Michael Brecker. A special all-music edition!

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  • "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight"  by James Taylor  (1972)
  • "Still Crazy After All These Years"  by Paul Simon  (1975)
  • "Some Skunk Funk"  by Brecker Brothers  (1975)
  • "Confirmation"  by Chick Corea  (1981)
  • "Loxodrome"  by Steps Ahead  (1983)
  • "Your Latest Trick"  by Dire Straits  (1985)
  • "Suspone"  by Michael Brecker  (1988)
  • "The Meaning of the Blues"  by Michael Brecker  (1990)
  • "Big Idea"  by Brecker Brothers  (1992)
  • "Cabin Fever"  by Michael Brecker  (1996)
  • "Virus of Love"  by Hue and Cry  (1996)
  • "Delta City Blues"  by Michael Brecker Quartet  (1998)
  • "Night Jessamine"  by Michael Brecker Quindectet  (2003)
  • "I Can See Your Dreams"  by Michael Brecker  (2001)
  • "Hejira (live)"  by Joni Mitchell  (1980)