December 2012

A cozy little story for Christmas Day

I hope you're all having a lovely holiday. I'm here to make your Christmas just a bit more colorful, with a cozy little story I wrote a few years ago, and which my less savory associate Mr. William Shunn deigned...  read

Changing with the times

Last time I looked at a facebook was at that plastic surgeon's in Thailand. But you can find me there now, for better or probably worse.  read


I was microblogging before microblogging existed. We called it writing on the bathroom wall.  read


Call me a pop-culture idiot, but I thought Britney Spears was a male porn star from northwest France.  read

Walk a mile

It's too bad someone can't rape Todd Akin or Paul Ryan and get them pregnant.  read


I'll never forget the day you gave me your heart. Thank God for that car accident.  read

To my horror, "Chairman of the Board" is back in print

I'm not necessarily proud of this, but since I've taken money from Sinister Regard I suppose I have a contractual obligation to let you know that my 1986 novella Chairman of the Board is back in print. Sometime next year...  read


I believe that children are our future. And that we're fucked.  read

Who? What?

Perry Slaughter is the reclusive author of such cult works of horror and sci-fi as Chairman of the Board, Deus ex Machina, and more. His passions include vinyl records, scotch whisky, and high-seas piracy.

Perry Slaughter